All our garments are designed in Canmore, AB, inspired by the mountains and nature around us. 

We work with local businesses, contributing to our community and the environment. Our t-shirts are printed in Canmore and our hats are also embroidered locally.

Our T-Shirts are ethically made under safe, fair, legal and humane conditions.

We believe there’s no such thing as small actions, every action contributes to helping the planet and we are committed to creating a better world with our work.


EVERYTHING STARTED IN 2012 Montevideo, Uruguay. A beautiful and peaceful place in South America where we were born and raised.

Inspired by music, art and the idea of clothing as a way of self-expression Black & Liberty was born. 

BLACK means classic, timeless and bold. LIBERTY is the spirit, our energized enthusiasm and above all our ode to Freedom, without which we are nothing.

In 2018 we heard the call of the mountains and a new journey started in our lives.

We decided to leave the city life and our comfort zone behind and start all over again because… who wants an easy life anyway, right?